Top 5 Bottled Water Brands

I’m a big drinker of bottled water. While I do love things like juices and sodas, I try to stay away from sodas more than once or twice a week, so I often end up with a case or two of bottled water. Since I drink bottled water, I’ve had a pretty good idea of the brands that are the best and I’ve known a few to be less than good. So, here are my top 5 bottled water brands.

5. Poland Spring

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This is a newer brand on the market, and in my opinion performs the best bottled water ever. I hear a lot of people rave about this brand and they have some pretty hefty prices. I typically buy 2 cases of spring water in a 6 month period, so I can bottle about 3.5 litres at a time. I absolutely love the filtered water and the taste is fantastic. This is an all around great water brand.

4. O Water

Another great tasting water brand is O Water. They have a larger range than some of the other brands on this list, but they performance is some what comparable. They have a superfriendly and friendly staff and it shows in the great customer service. Between the friendly and quick delivery, top notch customer service and great prices, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find anything bad about this purchase.

3. Poland

Another top water brand from Europe. Polish water has a rather graphic design, which is perfect for the great hydration logo on bottles. This water also comes in a non-carbonated form and is tasted wonderfully by those who prefer it without added flavoring. This water also does not have extra sugars, so it is suitable for diabetic patients. The clean, clear taste makes this water a top choice for those who like clean, pure water.

2. NewAir AI

For those who frequently drink this brand, I’m sure you will appreciate the decision to place 2 custom water bottles on the front of your water dispenser. The high clearance spout and slender design of the NewAir AI allows for easy installation. These professional bottles are also easy to remove from the dispenser. My home office favorite (other than running water) is the Plus Lima beanscupper bottle. This 5 gallon bottle is easy to install and remove. It cleans up very easily, without taking a lot of time. A Plus model NewAir AI bottle will easily go a long way in your laundry room or for your occasional camping trip.

1. Aquasana

Aquasana is a top brand with a few sub brands. Aquasana’s products are easily found in any retail spot during the summer months. With a few different versions available you will be able to find the one closest to your home. My favorite is the jug-supplied water. The jug is easy to clean and filter and comes with a natural filter to make sure that chlorine and other impurities are not in the water. I crawling around in the woods with my dogs at one end of the night and had a perfect supply of fresh, purified, cold, filtered H2O. Sometimes I just take a few baths or shower and when I get home, I have clean water ready for making drinks and the same in cold or room temperature. clean and easy to get rid of. I have almost as many bottles as I can possibly store up for a long, long time. My ultimate goal is to eliminate them. I’ve had Bottled water getting harder to find and having to recycle them, and just as a society become more aware about the dangers, etc etc etc, etc.

If you’d like to have your water cleaned or filter, or if you simply need room to store water in your home, I highly suggest checking with them about their filter systems and their room for water storage. You may be way ahead of most others, etc. etc. Check with them and try to figure out what you can get. I mean, try to figure it out yourself and see if it would be worth it. Instead of filling your car up at the gas station or convenience store, etc. Check to see if there are any shops that carry the system; I might even go as far as to buy one (I don’t). If you need a system for fishing, go so see if your local distiller will fit your needs.

Imagine if everyone did this! clean, safe, plentiful water, etc.

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