Your Health And The Acid Alkaline Balance

“Everything in moderation, nothing in excess.”

How does this work? Well, it’s simple really.

two clear drinking glasses with filled red liquid

You might have heard this number before, but it’s an excellent way of showing you where to focus your attention when trying to achieve an alkaline pH.


Our bodies function on a ph scale of 1-14, with 7 being neutral, while below 7 being acidic. Healthy blood is a pH of 7, but the body has a reserve “alkaline reserve” that helps us “stabilize” our pH if our pH falls too low. This is why when we experience a bout of illness or fatigue we are so easy to get; we are so acidic that our body is in extreme danger of collapsing.

The major job that the acid alkaline reserves do is to neutralize our blood and ensure that it remains at the proper pH. This is vital to survive, as without maintaining the proper reserve your body literally withers to death. You may be wondering then why they are so important to our survival.

The reserves are the little balance sheet our body maintains to keep you alive. Whenever your pH balances you are in good health, but if you ever let your pH go too far to the acidic side you are at risk of acidosis and an early death.

Here is a quick reference to the alkaline pH levels and how to change them:

PH = pH x 5

For example, a pH factor of 5 means that the substance is 5 times more acidic. A pH factor of 2 means that this is only two times more acidic. etc., etc.

Now that we understand what these pH’s are, let’s look at what happens when our pH tends to go too far to the acidic side.

Do you know what pH I’m referring to?

PH = pH x 100

Fear not, we are going to show you right away.

When our pH tends to be too acidic, this is a sign that our bodies are out of balance and we are most likely too acidic as a result.

Do you remember we discussed earlier that our body will respond to any imbalance or imbalance in our inner terrain?

Well, this response appears as either a physical (soreness and pain) or emotional reaction (sxiety, anger,ivalence, fear, depression, etc.)

The price we pay for our reactions to the emotional or physical reactions are twofold.

First, emotionally or physically we experience stress.

Second, our body must repair or rebuild its immune system to compensate for this new “inflammatory” reaction.

The extremes of this pH Metabolicrub are:

High acidity – as in “an acid build-up” or injury.

Low acidity – as in “anarthritis” or illness of the musculoskeletal tissue.

Ammoth buildup of acids in your body, leading to future health problems.

Nblance due to poor dietary habits, pollution, stress, fatigue.

Lectronic ailments like brain fog, forgetfulness, depression.

Ong mineral oil mankind must have in order to become and stay healthy. A body pH of 7.4 or below is considered to be neutral.

When our pH becomes too acidic we become vulnerable to acidosis and over acidity compromises our health.

How do we know if we are acidic?

By the symptoms that we may be experiencing right now.

If you need to define what acidity is, you may say that something is acid if it has an acid pH, but that’s not the whole equation.

What about those symptoms that are just too darned obvious?

High acidic levels in the body are often accompanied by fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, and can even affect your hearing.

Check your saliva and urine pH level; you can measure the pH level with pH strips that are available at your local health food store.

What’s normal?

We’re going to give you a list of common and uncommon symptoms and tell you what the ideal pH level of a healthy body is.

High acidic levels in the body are associated with:

If we make a list of the symptoms that are caused by high acidic levels we can now see that there are many causes for this condition other than diet and lifestyle.

Stress, poor diet, lack of regular exercise, uncontrolled emotional responses, over-use of medications, junk foods, over-medication, Aspartame, caffeine, phosphoric acid, sodium, nitrate, MSG, potassium, chlorine, and nitrates (eat all the chlorine masked as MSG).

Fine tuning your diet and lifestyle is the first step in getting your pH level on the right side of 7.4.

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