Drink Water To Lose Weight

Water is an important part of our daily diet, but don’t disregard it, drink up! Water is an integral part of weight loss or maintenance because it is a natural suppressant and helps you stay full and more alert. In addition it increases your metabolism and makes you more energized. If you want to lose fat it is a really good idea to drink an extra few ounces of water for every 25 pounds you are overweight.

In a recent study ladydis says she lost 10 pounds of over canned water within just ten days when she started drinking a glass of water before every meal. This simple added step can really help a person lose weight. In the optimal event she would be advised to drink one eight ounce glass of water with every meal.

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In a recent study it was revealed that water drinkers increase their spirit level, feel better and slept better. Those that didn’t drink as much water also felt very tired and had fewer than eight hours of quality sleep. It’s amazing how a simple drink like water can have such an impact on the body. Therefore it is important to drink up to a gallon of good pure water per day if you want to maintain optimal health. If you are one of the millions of people worldwide looking to shift a few pounds, a gallon of water per day may just do the trick!

Drinking water throughout the day, along with a balanced diet is the ultimate quick way to lose weight. People sometimes mistakenly think that not drinking water is the right strategy to reduce unwanted pounds. However, all they have to do is think about their diet and in most cases will realize it’s just not something that fits into their lifestyle. Therefore the trick is to substitute the bottle of soda for an ice cold glass of water. Make it a habit to bring a bottle of water with you and drink it just before you eat. On in or after you have eaten you can drink some water and it will help with your hunger and you’ll achieve a balanced diet that is good for you!

One scientific study led by the Coors magnentaire took ancut of over 1000 people for twelve weeks. All participants were kept under a diet and after the initial reducing phase were given 2000 calories for the male and 1000 for the female over a normal twelve week period. They all maintained their food habits except during the final two weeks, when they were given 2000 only. Those who were the biggest maintainers shed the most weight!

Men and women were given different breakfast calorie intakes of 500 to 1000 depending on their list of usual foods, and also on how many calories they would normally have eaten. The lower calorie consumption group lost approximately 28 percent more weight than those on the higher calorie diet. Even though the group eating the higher calories needs less fat, they still gained weight. They also ate more saturated fats. The conclusions:

A) Calories don’t tell the whole story; or only part of the story. b) Eating a low-calorie diet makes it more difficult to lose weight and easier to gain weight.

And a recent Danish study found that drinking a glass of water before meal has the effect of making a person feel inclined to eat less as well as less. Apparently the less the person eats the more important it is to drink water to help maintain the body’s water content.

Conclusion: Water is vital for our bodies to carry out all basic functions properly. It is vitally important for weight loss and proper body functions too.

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