The Nutritional Factors Involved In A Vegan Food Diet!

The term “Vegan” has now become an ordinary word with no hidden meaning. Everybody eats meat; it is part of our daily diet. The options involved in a vegan diet are exact and numerous. The mainstream versions might appear as follows:- Vegan cakes and sweets- Vegan cheese and ice cream- Vegan milkshakes- Fruit yogurts and “vegan” energy drinks- Vegan sandwichSomething else entirely vegan is the new Indian cuisine that although takes some getting used to, it is eventually a fresh, varied, delicious and healthy cuisine. The varieties of the cuisine are not-so-obvious such as the use of vegetables from the pulses or dried pulses.- The standard ingredients of the cuisine are not normally found in a non-vegan setting such as the use of rice or pasta instead of the more standard – vegan – beans or groundnuts.

The following are some vegan choices of meals, side dishes and snacks that can be helpful when dining out.-Tandoori Chicken: tender strips of white chicken, whole grain bread, sliced peppers, tomato and cucumber. A tandoori chicken meal with rice is perfect for your first or second date. It is not just limited to Tandoori but also the standard lunch special in the canteen. For variations, take beans, lentils or chickpeas, spice and oil, lemon juice, yogurt or some combination of whole grain ingredients, pepper and you will have a hearty meal.- Vegan “Fish” balls: made of mashed tofu, chickpeas, teaspoon of dried mint or fresh coriander leaves.- Soft cheese slices: include soft cheese such as Pecagna, Fettuccine (vegan) and Mozzarella (vegan).- Dried fruits: raisins, cran nuts, apricots, prunes and chopped dates.- Dried “crackers”- (providing a dose of fibers)- Energy bars: (providing a dose of fibers)- Pumpkin seeds (providing a dose of fibers). Fruit leather and coconut milk ice cream can also be eaten as desserts as long as they do not contain nuts.

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Going out with your friend? Why not bring some vegan appetizers like hummus, veggies, and chips with you?. You could also bring a vegan appetizer bag full of vegan crackers to share and enjoy with your date. Going out with a friend will let you sample many other types of foods and especially the different flavors of the vegan cuisine.

Going out with a couple of your friends will also let you “tweak” your date’s taste. Nothing wrong with liking non-vegan food such as potatoes, pasta and basic tastes of a certain meat are not that bad. With individual variations in choices and replacements, you will eventually find your way to a vegan lifestyle.

Here areSome Dishestydoes not necessarily require veganism. Any item labeled Vegan can be substituted with items that are not vegan (for example, probiotics for milk, lemons for cookies).

Lentils ( Ethiopia and NON-enzymatic): Lentils are a great source for fiber and proteins. They can be cooked and served in a variety of ways and they can be enjoyed from cold to hot.

Ice Cream: If you can find organic or greek ice cream that still contains real lactose, that is far better than milk based ice cream, but any kind of ice cream is better than no ice cream at all.

Preserved Meats: Preservatives are evil. They make things last longer, listed below are the shelf life dates of specific shelf items:

-good will (chicken, beef, egg, turkey): usually October 15th, the day of Certification

-vegan, meat, fish (all kinds if possible): usually October 1st, the day of certification

-vegan crackers: October 1st

-vegan popcorn: October 15th

-vegan mayo and ketchup: October 1st

-vegan hot dogs and sausages: October 15th

-vegan burgers and sausages: October 1st

-vegan ice cream: end of October

-vegan cakes and doughnuts: end of October

-vegan chips and crackers: end of October

I do not think you should fear any of the above as long as you take in the things that are NOT labeled vegan. You need to avoid the bad stuff (bad vegan sources) and focus on the best (organic vegan products). My motto is, you can always choose not to live a certain lifestyle, but you can never choose not to live a vegan lifestyle.

As I said in the title of this article, you might not exactly know when you will need to start a vegan diet.

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