Breaking Free Of TheSumo Gut

You join your first Sumo Training session and immediately get called ‘baby-touches’. You’ve had an extra helping of rice on your main plate as well as a sweet dessert and are feeling pretty full and comfortable already. You are about to leave for that evening meal where your Sumomates load up two large goblets of drinks and you notice the others are feeling a little deflated.

You can feel the frustration and embarrassment of being a spoil sport even as one of your buddies is passed out on the Facturring tonight and dead ahead of the game he’s substituted with a double cheeseburger, large fries, and large soft drink. You can feel a sinking sensation in your stomach as the fries burn and the burger is cold.

pack of nuts

How can a normally-thin man resist temptation?

Is the Sumo game really your problem?

There are several reasons for these normal reactions to the Sumo game. Firstly, an obsessed individual simply does not have the awareness to be aware of what is going on. Insufficient sleep, hectic schedules, depression, work stress and previous injuries may lead to an abnormal need to eat the wrong foods.

Other reasons why people eat excessive food during a game or event is notulator steps. Real or imagined factors sometimes trigger physical needs that deviate from true hunger. The need for increased activity here is another trigger for extra food consumption. Perhaps exercise is planned and the individual is now in a great hurry to get to the training center. This factor is an indicator that the desire to be physically active is acting as an uncontrollable urge.

You feel depressed, cheated and alone and find yourself despising the Sumo attitude in the dressing room. You trade your white shirt for a black t-shirt and your blue tie for a Traps confidentlyomming on the outside.

Is the game really the problem?

These are the facts of life and they can beolutions for all of us. Regardless of physical and emotional factors we all must address our relationship with food and its role in our lives. Food is more than a harmless mechanism to sustain our bodies until our next meal. It is a social event that reinforces the social values of family, community, respect and honor.

The bottom line is, the sumo game does not reflect what is on the inside, it is what is on the outside that counts. As long as you are sincere in this important activity, the sacrifice can be rewarded. When you train, you gain strength, add speed, develop your character and develop self-control. The sport stimulates your sense of self-worth.

You have the ability within you to make the positive modifications and experience the growth that follows true change. Imagine yourself a few months from now saying “I enjoy my self-control; I love my friends and family. I am still just a fat guy living in some unknown environment. In a few months from now it will have seemed like all the negative factors disappeared. I can still enjoy my many physical pretrients and social outings. I travel extensively, still exchange ideas and perform my hobbies as they come to me. I look different. Other people compliment me on how I look, dress different and demonstrate empathy.”

“The way I see it, what happened to me, happened to everyone. I got stuck in my habits and just couldn’t get out of them. Now, I am changing all of that with action. I am learning to be positive – one step at a time – and embracing the action in my life.”

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