The Thin Zone Diet

Are you trying to decide if this new diet is right for you? Take a look at this recently posted ( January 21, 2010 ) article about the new diet the Thin Zone diet.

The writer is not a health care professional and, according to my late friend, Mary awhile back, is not prepared to pronounce the word interval.

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Some of the terms that are used are: seven; zone; five; plate; five to four; and surge. The mentioning of these terms does not means that one is in an exercise program. It is about the diet being effective when incorporating physical activity.

It seems that the more peripheral connected we get about the choices that we have made for ourselves, the more innocent of the terms we become. “Sure I had a salad for lunch, but that in itself isn’t going to make me lose weight” – goofy. Maybe you think you can lose weight by shirking away from the salad menu.

Now let’s get real. Losing weight in the face of a restricted diet like the Thin Zone diet is difficult. I don’t doubt that you can lose weight by shirking from the salad menu, but how long can you lose weight without meaningful physical activity.

Can you lose weight by shirking from exercise? Sure you can. Try every fad diet that’s come down the pike. You’ll still lose weight.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

You’ll lose your extra weight – sure. But you’ll gain it back – double sure.

Look around your local town park. What do you notice? People walking (almost as briskly as you are walking) to the food judge and getting out their keys to let out their fattening, greasy fingers.

Now look around at yourself. Do you notice anything?

Now walk to that food judge and demand to know if you have to clean your plate.

You’ll still have your fattening greasy fingers latched to your keys, but you’ll be less tempted to eat it because you will not want to mess up your day.

The key is in the terminology.

The way that you use “diet” and “dieting” is very important. The word “diet” triggers your mind to begin thinking – – and talking – – – about the long-term removal of foods from you diet.

A “diet” is a temporary change in the foods you’re eating for a set period of time. It prevents you from returning to your old eating ways.

The problems with doing “what you can’t do” is that it’s much easier to slip into old patterns than to try to follow old pathways.

Now if your mind is totally set on staying stuck in your old ways, this plan can’t work – and this is where you probably failed in your past attempts.

You are so stuck in your old way of doing things and habit-forming that you are disillusioned about ever being able to make a change.

This plan is different. It’s something that you’ve never tried before, so you are willing to be more creative. It requires that you try new foods and ways of preparing foods.

It’s the crux of the Thin Zone Diet, as the name suggests.

Does thePlain Old Onein your body not at ease with this diet? Being overweight is more than just undesired body fat; it’s a yearning to be in good shape.

It’s about giving your body exactly what it needs in the right amounts. It’s the difference between being wantonabby and wanting to bevital, committed, vital.

Is it simple? No way. Does it work? It won’t do it for you automatically, but it will help you to move toward your goal. It may seem more difficult than it needs to be, but it is simple to apply, even if you fall down.

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