The Dish Is Still Eating

Although the original version of the doner kebab has been making the rounds for years, it is still hard to find a nation that doesn’t have their own version of it on their menu to call it what it is. The variation may be slightly different in the dishes that are served, and while there is no arguing that it is delicious, the original version is still light on the palate and full of the spices that make it so beloved.

A Long, Long, Long Way Down

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The oldest evidence of the doner kebab date back to the 8th century. The Travelers discovered that the shepherd’s shops of the nomadic Turkish peoples drank lots of kebabs, and so the dish was handed down to them (and later the Europeans) as a way to preserve their meats. At this point, the doner is not considered as a delicacy; it was merely a way to preserve meat. While it gained popularity among the nobility, it didn’t take long for the common folk to notice the appeal of what was being served to them. And so the kebab saw a rapid growth, reaching its peak popularity around the turn of the 18th century.

As tastes and preferences differ, the kebab came into its own in the west, where it is now commonly enjoyed in kebab restaurants (most notably in the UK) and by a wide variety of people.

So Which Cheese Is The Best Cheese For A Steak?

Cheddar:While this is the most common cheese that is used in a steak, there are arguments as to which cheese is the best. US-style cheeses are generally the lightest and blandest of the cheeses, and they are usually served with a meaty pasta sauce. Brie is another French cheese that is light and lean, perfect for a light meaty pasta dish or a cheeseburger. It is also often used in a seafood dish, with potatoes and vegetables.

Gorgonzola:This is a fruity cheese, traditionally made with Italian green olives. It is traditionally shaved into thin triangles and accompanied with a glass of red wine. However, this style of the cheese is not suited to every recipe.

Blue Cheese:Blue cheese has long been considered the UK’s finest cheese. The reason for its good taste is the blue mold that is molded into the cheese. The blue mold imparts a fruity and distinctive molding that makes the cheese arts version of the UK’s best cheese. In addition to this, the British blue prefers not to age the cheese.

Mozzarella:The US has been Without a doubt, the biggest cheese market in the world. In recent years, however, the UK has been Without a doubt, the biggest cheese market in the world. The UK’s mozzarella market has been growing steadily, and is currently experiencing a growth in volume similar to that of the lobster industry.

The most popular cheeses are: Swiss, Italian, and French. The Swiss are generally mild, and creamy. The Italian cheeses are range from a mild cream cheese, to a buttery butter and of course blue. The French varieties tend to be milder, and crumbly.

Soft Cheeses

Soft cheeses are generally produced using curd or rind, this is particularly cheese that you will familiar with when you enjoy veal. This is also a very mild cheese that you can chew without getting anything close to a meal.

Blue Cheeses

Blue cheeses are as classic as the red and the yellow. The blue is far more mellow in flavor, and it can be prepared in many different ways. The best known blue cheeses are Roquefort and Gorgonzola.

Goat Cheeses

You have to hand it to the goat people for supplying us with milk which is durable and sweet. Goat milk cheeses are made with part of the early spring crops and are ripened quickly in cool caves. The ripened cheeses are aged for about three months and then sold in the summer for when it’s normally sold in the market.

So as you can tell there is a wealth of different kinds of cheeses and restaurants selling them all over the world. They all play a part in making our lunch and dinner times interesting and enjoyable. However, the best one (which is quite an award winning as well) is probably the one you’ll try for sure.

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