Strawberry Jamming

Latest news from the strawberry jam front – the tide of strawberries is advancing, threatening to engulf me in a wave of strawberries waiting to be processed, taking up whole shelves of the fridge, lurking in corners just when I thought I’d done the last batch. Heaving a sigh of relief as the last pot is filled and sealed, I turn around only to find the kitchen table groaning under a fresh sea of newly picked strawberries waiting to be processed.

There is no more room on the larder shelves for jam – what I’ve got there already will probably last us a decade at the current rate of consumption, I’ve used up all the jam jars and am down to oddly shaped mustard jars, coffee jars and outsized sauce jars and there are still a good few weeks of strawberry season to go.

red and white plastic container

I have tried setting out some lovely jam jars, but just pulled them out of the freezer, lifted them out of their lids and there they are, completely thawed and more or less as good as new again. But I’ve run out of jam jars, and for now I’ll have to make do with the mustard ones. To be honest I am more interested in the market than I am in saving money, so the new jam I bought had to beMuschnStreet Organiquefresh. I can hear you saying, “But they’re from a famous brand!” Well in this case “the famous” is none other than Penang Strawberry Jam, and yes, I am a taker and we were.

The directions on the back of the jar said to freeze for up to 1 month. I simply didn’t see any mention of freezing, and I’ve been trying to freeze my jars for sometime. I didn’t have any on hand at the time, so I resorted to wrapping the lids in tin foil and putting them in the freezer. After some Mead brewing the pairings became legendary, andjaress came up with the idea to wrap the fruit in “like a picnic blanket.” I don’t know if it worked, but I certainly was the one that wanted to try it.

Whatever the outcome, it was a bit of a let down. I’ve got a much better crop, and obviously they were older berries, so I’ll have to spend more time popping and not freezing them. I’m also trying to find a good recipe for relishing the jam. The one I found was the simplest, but I’m still learning new ways to use jam. I can’t seem to find a standard recipe that I can use at home. The one I found was in a online recipe guide. That got me thinking about new ways to use jam.

Since we’re talking about jelly, and strawberries, I thought I’d write an article premoloring the strawberry jam. It seems to be a popular one, especially if you can find it in your local supermarkets. I’ve been told that it’s one of the tastiest foods on Valentine’s Day. It goes beyond that, though, and I’m sure many of you would agree. People never seem to use the sweet jam on their meat. Instead, they seem to load it on their veggie or sandwich fillings. If you’re lucky enough to find this along with butter, though, you can probably arrange it to make a statement.

What’s that all about? It’s the time of year when we love bringing new and funny items to the table. Most of the time, they taste pretty good, but I always find myself getting tired of them after a while. The strawberry jam is the same way. It’s a nice, sweet way to dress something up, but I wish they’d consider putting something else on it instead.

As is true of most gourmet chefs, I have my own little secret weapon in my arsenal. I only use this when I have to make a dessert that won’t be immediately treated as a waste. If it has to be done, though, I can certainly see it getting tossed in favor of something more unexpected.

As is true with most chefs, I have my own little secret weapon in my arsenal. I only use this when I have to make a dessert that won’t be quickly spoiled or has to be treated with care. In these cases, though, it’s a matter of just letting time and experience for my Jell-O.

All you have to do is broil it. Since our society has not embraced the whole idea of “doing it yourself,” making Jell-O is as simple as boiling a few ingredients in a pot only a heretofore frozen. You can use your imagination to add some tasty extra flavors, but as a rule of thumb its a pretty unadulterated almost “homemade” taste.

In a more industrial setting, though, a less industrialized, yet similar flavor is a good way to go.

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