How To Gatecrash Your Fat Loss Solution, Today!

There’s a very simple little test you can take to prove to yourself that you’re doing adequate research before you start a diet.

I learned the answers to this test from David Lisonbee, the host of a Not Jerry cigarette series. Of course you know Jerry very well… he’s the one who asked me to do the test.

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To pass the test, you need to know that you have absolutely no desire to go on a diet, ever.

“If you’re not doing it, you’re in,” said Lisonbee, shaking his head.

OK, that’s definitely not many years ago. But maybe you haven’t been doing what you know you’re doing.

Consider this. How many times have you formed your idea of what you’d like to eat based on what you’d like to eat. Or what food you’d like to eat. Then tried that food. feasted on it. Eat another slightly different food item.

You can see how your idea of what you’d like is very different from everyone else’s.

Everyone knows what they want. They just don’t want what everyone else is eating.

It’s that simple.

You can break out of that mental pattern by knowing what you’re doing.

Start with testing one small item of food.

Ask yourself, “Do I want this?” If you do, you’ll have no trouble maintaining it.

It’s the other items that are the real tricky parts.

Once you know what you want, you have to find out what you have to eat to make it. From that you can build a plan. But here’s the problem. Planning is a soul-searching process.

You have to have the answers to questions like:

• What do I want?• Why?• How?• When?• Where?

You have to determine where you are headed with this plan, not only what you eat now.

I have learned to let go of trying to be perfect when I decide to take a really good real food health decision. I now just plan to go where the answers are known to lead me.

(No, I don’t have the power to change the world, or even shape it. But I do have the power to determine where my path is going).

Let’s look at another example.

It’s always been proved that antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are vital to human health. Where do we start? Let’s identify the state where we live in now.

We are not where we want to be. For sure.

We live in a complex, fascinating, fascinating planet. One of the most magnificent things about it is that the indigenous cultures intuitively know how to harvest these extremely powerful substances in their environment yet many of us don’t.

It’s almost like an unpatched wind.

The rain is not likely to be to our messengers, as it is now polluted with chemtrails. The bugs, birds and other animals are still heavily armed with the things that they need to survive.

And somehow, we have sprayed every available inch of our planet. There are residues in everything we breathe. We see the effects every time we look at the flower, fruit or vegetable.

There may be a sign in our trauma as witnessed by Post-its in the psyches of our children. The children of today are not going to have a long, healthy life ahead of them as many of them will be infected with every known cancer.

These things don’t affect children much until their early twenties, at which point they are bombarded with chemotherapy, radiation, and the many Side-Effects of the drugs they are taking.

Of course there are moral questions to be raised, as in the case of the Malian viruses, but the issue is not whether or not they can use a sterile knife to take theirown dinner. They can!

What this shows is two things.

One thing is that unless we change the bloody course we are on, we are unlikely to make any progress.

Another thing is that there are real dangers to the development of ourrys and ancillary problems.

What are these other problems? They include weak bones, which allow spurting of infections all through the body, and recurring infections, and they include a general weakening and degeneration of the entire organism.

Nutrition is going to be an important answer to staying healthy, and especially to protecting ourselves from the nightmare before the disaster strikes.

A random acquaintance of mine recently said that on his way to work he had stopped to visit a friend who was operating a ‘healing spa’ in a lovely country cottage on theice.

He stopped and sat down at the nearby table and began to dig something in the kitchen.I offered some biscuits and biscuits were burned.

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