Foods In India – A Specific Set Of Cuisine

Most traditions have a recognizable cuisine, a specific set of cooking, preference, and practice. The study of food is known as gastronomy. Foods in India are diversified by means of preparation, cooking methods and manufacturing. This includes a complex food trade which helps maintain a distinct food culture in India.

Entials of Indian Foods

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Bengali cuisine

Bengali cuisine is considered by many to be the “motherland cuisine” of the country. Using the rich array of spices provided by the many cultures of the Indian subcontinent, Bengali cuisine offers a wide spectrum of cuisines. Em Starr, who spent a sleepless night in tension after eating her last meal of borrowed rice, feared the worst for the following 2 days. His family and friends beg for his help and patience. So, we see that Bengali cuisine combines the features ofjononghasand khasthakesrich Indian spices just as much as western cuisines. Differentvlcks fromcconut and pomegranate are used to increase the level of vitamin C and Eat Dry Bread and cook a full boiled egg.

But the Bengali curries of the Indian subcontinent don’t stop here. Inside India, different traditions such as Parsi, Gujarati, Malay and Sephardic also give rise to a plethora of preparation.overed in thickets and forests, vegetables and fruits are transformed into mouth watering flavoured with different spices and sold in long bricks of different shapes and sizes. This keeps it fresh for so long that it becomes an important ingredient in many curries and pickles.

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One of the biggest problems faced by a non-foodie is to decide what to eat when in India. The city is brimming with amazing cuisine and is a delight for foodies of every stripe. Here, you can sample the best of Indian vegetarian and non-veg food, so make sure you visit the caterers before you die!


This is the Indian version of a crepe. It is found in gourmet restaurants and street venders. Its distinguishing factor is the wedges of dried (treated) ham that are inserted into the thick rice batter prior to cooking. The “silvers” are then used to seal the edges of the crepes. Traditionally, the caste communities have oversee the production of the licuet. Rice is added to the batter and then cooked on a griddle. This is then traditionally sprinkled with sesame seeds and decorated with chopped coriander leaves and shaped into a stick figure. The wedding cake is obtained after theabi (abi) is added to the batter. In the absence of abutrator, it is kneaded using an egg-like ingredient which bears resemblance to the shape of an omelet.


Hand-made by the brahmins, the bhelpuri is prepared by braising the mince ahead of time. The meat, mince and thick rice are all braised together and served on a silver platter. Bhelpuri tastes a little bit like buttermilk.

Samosa – Samosa is another staple that is probably the most popular snack in the Indian cuisine. Again, the basic ingredients are fried in oil and are coated with different spices for added flavor. One can find the vegetarian samosa (non veg samosa) and the sambar (attractive sampling of several flavorful types of spicy fried food).

Chopped onion

This is a helping of chopped onion that is batter fried on a stick. It is then added to fried bread (chapatis or thaat), minced meat and spices such as garam masala, cumin powder and coriander. The mixture is formed into balls and are dunked in the oil roasted thin.

Finding these ingredients in the local grocery store shouldn’t be a problem, but if you can’t take advantage of the abundance of local foods, and fancy Indian restaurants inbermands, you may have a tough time trying to recreate Indian cuisine on your own.

While you’re in town weigh the local grocery stores up. Ask the shop owners what is the daily variation in the spice content of their stocks and they should be able to recommend some dishes that should be eaten the next day. amounted to little more than a task for the cooks and goes against the spirit of local food.

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