Eat Your Cereal, Please: The Corn Debate

This past weekend, thousands of concerned people got together in a large room in paralyzing politically correct fashion to discuss the highly controversial topic of corn syrup. The consensus was that although high fructose corn syrup is certainly not the best thing to eat, we’re still going to have to at least consider how much we’re eating because there’s a lot of it in our food today. At the top of this list is that this sugar-laden sweetener does not cause obesity problems unless you absolutely have to have an unhealthy diet for some reason. The plain-spoken truth is that high fructose corn syrup is not some magic bullet that we can all use because it happens to be a very common part of a lot of our food. Its presence on the food label is an indication that this item may contribute to obesity and possibly cancer. Since this is taking a highly controversial topic and deriving wildly different answers to the same debate, I thought I’d give you my take on the subject, which is based on my personal experience as a nutritional therapist.

First, there are many more things called high fructose corn syrup than the current U.S. government’s definition of the word “refined”. The current definition means anything that ends in “ose” is considered high fructose.icate would be another term that would also cover a lot of processed foods sold in stores. By deriving your sweetener from corn, you’re adding a bunch of unnatural chemicals to your item that the body isn’t biologicallyideable to handle. The Words that end in “ose” are going to be important. I’m looking at you, sugarfen.

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It’s funny how the perspective that this development is somehow Genetically Worsening is similar to the way we were taught in school from the 4th grade on. From that point of view, it’s the same thing as sugar. An irresistible combination of temptation and ignorance. You’re both hungry and you don’t know what your mama told you to eat.

My advice? First, consider switching to an organic sugar. Why? Consuming more organic products is much healthier if your goal is to reduce your risk of chronic disease. Organic sugar from organic fruit is my first recommendation. Here’s why:

Organic sugar from fruit is a whole food. That means that many of the nutrients, such as naturally occurring sugars, are very present and have not been removed prior to ingestion. There are nutrients present in organic sugar that you did not previously have available to you in the form of common sugar. For example, organic sugar contains dietary fibers, which facilitate digestion and provide many other skeletal and cellular benefits.

Non-nutritive sweeteners have been studied extensively and there have been no long-term studies done on the health implications for regular, regular use. People who regularly use sugar substitutes may be tip-top of the food curve in terms of body composition because the nutritionally meaningless term “sugar substitutes” likely boosts caloric intake above eating regular sugar. Also, of the three major forms of non-nutritive sweeteners, organic sugar is the best choice. Once we yield to the superior benefits and taste of organic sugar, regular sugar becomes less attractive to most people.

Here’s a suggestion: start your day with a proper serving of protein. If you seek weight loss, count the grams of protein (amount contained in a serving of meat, fish, or poultry) in your beverage before youoglyph it. If you count protein, you will probably find that you are not as hungry or tired some of the time.

The remainder of the day, try to add a healthy fat or fiber source source to each of your meals. This can come from easily accessible whole foods, but can also come from more obscure places such as nuts, seeds, avocado, etc.

You can end your day with a nice, clean glass of water. If you want, you could choose a hot beverage like an herbal tea or enjoy a cold glass of juice, not a cold coke.

In summary, this article covered general preparation suggestions to help you survive the long holiday period without adding a ton of fat to your physique or going crazy with diet changes. There is no one specific answer to preparing for a holiday, but examining your individual situation will start you off on the right foot.

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