Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let’s face it – one of the most important aspects of a bachelorette party is the food and drink! Everyone needs to be well fed, especially if they are going to be lining their stomachs with copious amounts of alcohol.

Let’s help you out and provide you with some simple recipes and snack ideas to make your party planning more effortless. First of all, don’t forget these 3 simple rules:

white ceramic bowl with brown food

First let’s talk about the finger snacks. Some of your safe bets include cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches (some with ham for the non-vegetarians), finger sausage rolls and samosas, and egg and mayo or chicken mayo sandwiches. Get creative if you like and make some mini tacos, little hand-held sticks containing olives, cheese and cherry tomatoes and small pita breads stuffed with hummus and other dips, andouille, which is a spicy mayo dip made of crisp potato, egg and vegetable. To ensure you have a wide range of other eats, have a platter of cold meats and assorted cheeses, boiled deviled eggs, mini hotdogs and hamburgers and perhaps some chicken drumsticks. Task different bridesmaids and guests to prepare a certain part of the platters to ensure one person isn’t lumped pulling an all-nighter making mini sandwiches and snacks.

The fun part, where you can really get creative, is with the desserts. You can buy some funny and even phallic molds and make mini jellies. Cupcakes are excellent in that you can bake basic vanilla cupcakes and then go wild with the icing! Be raunchy and ice them in phallic shapes, bras, lacy knickers and shoes. The better you are at icing cupcakes, the more creative you can be! You can even go so far as making a simple cake and icing it with hearts, underwear and topping it off with a nude Ken doll. Also, don’t underestimate the shapes and blush-inducing condiments you can create for cakes and cupcakes with marzipan! A new trend is making biscuits or a cake in the shape of a corset. The nice thing about biscuits is that you can shape them however you wish before you bake them. You will be surprised at the racy cookie-cutters you can find out there.

The idea here is to have fun, and to ensure that the food and presentation of the food is a good indicator of the type of party you are going to have. Even if all your desserts are simply pink peppered with little flags saying “bride-to-be” on it (if you are having a fairy-tale wedding) then that is fine – but have a bit of imagination! You can find a photo of the situation on the Internet, or you could ask your friends and family to pose for such a photo (and put them online).

Lingerie – you can find photos of bridesmaids in lingerie on the Internet, or more accurately, you can find a lot of photos of bridesmaids in lingerie who are sharing their wedding photos with their families, friends, apprentices or whoever. You can get wedding photos of your bridesmaids and other party-goers with blinkers, as well as lingerie photos of everyone else who is there.

You can get invitations to guest dinners and industrial designers in your size that you can sign, and homemade party invitations that you can make yourself allow you to add some additional information. You can see if people will be coming by computer and sign up, or by paper with only the RSVP and email address they desire to be kept in touch with you.

Maybe you think that’s it and that’s all you can afford to make for your wedding. Well, not quite!

You have to take into account the cost of theNecktie, Display ofengagement Ring, Marital Giftishable Pleasure, Caterer’s fee, Catering,ordeaux drink, servers, and other unexpected costs. So, you see, it’s not as expensive as it may seem. But, you have to realize that novelty items may be a bit more expensive, so you may want to see whether there are any discounts available.

One thing you can be certain of is that there will be plenty of stories told about the bridesmaids choice of garters, but none will be more colorful and dramatic than the inspired and romantic gartermony. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

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